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Tue, May 22, 2 pm EDT
Pathways to Excellence Webinar: The Premier Community Action Organizational Developmemnt Program

Tue, May 24, 2 pm EST
Learning with the Learning Community: Financial Empowerment for Families

Wed, May 25, 2 pm EDT
Learning with the Learning Community: Trauma-Informed Approaches to Alleviating Poverty

Wed, June 13, 2 pm EDT
The Futures Project Session 1: Clarity, Impact and Performance

Wed, June 15, 1 pm EDT
National Poverty Trends Session 8

Wed, June 21, 2 pm EDT
Decreasing Family Homelessness Session 6

Wed, June 22, 11 am EDT
Health Intersections Session 3: Substance Abuse

Organizational Standards 2.0 Webinar Series

CAP’s Organizational Standards of Excellence is excited to announce a new webinar series for Community Action Agencies, State Associations, and State CSBG Lead Agencies. The sessions are designed to provide continuing support for agencies to meet (and exceed) the Organizational Standards as we move into the second year of their implementation. Each webinar will address a different category of the Organizational Standards and will cover discussion topics and technical assistance on the following:

  • Questions about the interpretation of individual standards
  • Documentation requirements to show compliance with the Standards
  • Accessing available technical assistance resources and requests for new resources
  • Promising practices to help agencies go “beyond compliance” to improve their management and operations

Thu Mar 9, 3 pm EST
Consumer Input and Involvement (Category 1)

Thu April 6, 2 pm EST
Community Engagement (Category 2)

Thu April 26, 2 pm EST
Community Assessment (Category 3)

June 12, 2 pm EST
Organizational Standards 2.0 Webinar Category Five: Board Governance

June 26, 2 pm EST
Organizational Standards 2.0 Category Six: Strategic Planning