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FY 2017 Reporting

August 15, 2016

Deadlines for quarterly inventory forms or emails:





Summary of the current  inventory approval/reporting process:

 If your agency’s February or May 2016 inventory  report fully reported all IT / non-IT assets/fixed assets purchased in whole or part with CSBG funds,  subsequent inventory reports need only provide updates. Updates are newly purchased items , a change in requested action for a previously reported item, or other inventory information you wish to convey. If you have no updates, please send me an email to that effect by the due date.  The email should  reference all four types of inventory as applicable.

 The IT purchase approval  process  includes a minimum dollar threshold ($250) , unless the contractor/subrecipient is co-located in an HSD facility.

 In the past there was a $500 threshold for inventory reporting of non-IT assets. There is no minimum threshold under the current directives for reporting IT and  non-IT assets  with a purchase value less than $5,000. Office supplies are excluded from the inventory reporting requirement.


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